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Living with intention
by: Becky Prater
We beckon things to our life through our intentions. If we set intentions for our day, year, career, or life we are more likely to experience that reality. Motivational speaker Wayne Dyer agrees, “Our intention creates our reality.” The process involves taking time to come up with a plan and set an intention. It's my belief that life spent with intention is a far more satisfying journey. When we begin our day anticipating joy, abundance, and love—that is what we receive.

I began this process of defining my life when I was in college. After a long line of unambitious boyfriends who never had money to take me out, I said, “Enough.” I wrote in my journal, “The next man I date will pay for everything, open my doors, and be as passionate about what he does as I am about fashion design.” Sure enough, six months later, I met a man who fit that description. We have been married for twenty-five years. This stuff really works!

Living with intention simply requires planning: designing a life that represents your core values. We are well served by writing down what we authentically want for ourselves, our job, our significant other, or our ideal home—make a list, and then, begin the journey.

How do you set an intention? Isn’t this like making a list of goals? First, one has to define the path or set the intention. Then, the goals become the steps along the path. Intentions are written before the goals are set.

Setting intentions:

1. Think about what is most important—your “must haves” in a partner, home, career, or year? Write it down and place the list in an important part of your home or office. If you are a visual person, make a collage that represents the things you are intending, like better health, more money or a supportive partner. Post the collage where you can see it frequently.

2. Be very pure in your intentions. For instance, rather than saying, “I want a million dollars.” Phrase it the following way, “I want to make a good living doing what I love to do.”

3. Spend a moment each day devoted to your well-chosen intentions. Create affirmations that reinforce the intentions you have set and begin each day reciting these affirmations, like, “I will do my best today, knowing that I will be richly rewarded for my efforts.”

4. Over time, these aspects show up, sometimes unnoticed, and become our reality.

Having the power to make things happen is a bit scary. As women, we are not raised to strive for power and be successful, like men are. So, this process may be uncomfortable at first. Start with small things and build up to it. Eventually, this will become a daily practice and your life will be much more fulfilling.

This very simple idea inspired me to help people through clothing design. By putting inspiring words on our bodies, we are beckoning positive energy into our lives, setting an intention with our clothing choices. Each Beckons garment has a discreet intention tag sewn into it. The tags include words that reflect the yogic lifestyle: joy, strength, wisdom, grace, love, balance, and integrity, beckoning this into the wearer’s life.

Pencil in some time this week to devote to setting intentions and see for yourself how much power you actually have. Let’s begin with this intention:

“I will authentically define the life that I want for myself, write it down within the next two weeks and then, recognize the wonder of intention.”

About the author: Becky Prater, owner and designer of Beckons Yoga Clothing,, has been designing and selling yoga clothing and promoting a yogic lifestyle for over seven years. Her company provides yoga and lifestyle clothing and products for women of all sizes and levels of activity. Made from organic cotton and other sustainable fibers, her eco-friendly clothes are manufactured in Colorado, utilizing the talented labor force in her community.

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